Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Class, January 2019

~ Greetings Everyone ~ I’m sure many of us are experiencing an enormous sigh of relief as we leave behind one of the most difficult years in our history. So many opportunities for transformation and change, many coming in shocking and unexpected ways. Some of us are still reeling from this summer and the trauma that challenged our resolve to the core of our beings. Now we are strengthened as we have seen that the Continue Reading →

Venus Retrograde Class – November 7, 2018

Venus Retrograde Class November 7, 2018 6:30-8:30 PM. My Place Email to RSVP and receive directions Fee: $25.00 Venus went technically retrograde October 5 in the sign of Scorpio and will move direct on November 16, the same day that Mercury goes retrograde! Her “shadow period” began around September 8 and 9. Venus’s “shadow period will end on December 19. This whole block of time represents this focus on shared resources, money, sexuality, power, other Continue Reading →

Classes and Events for May and June 2018!

Hi Everyone ~~ It’s been a long time with lots of changes going on over in my sector of the universe! I’m sure you all have had some too! My mom has moved out of the house and is now in an independent living facility and quite happily making new friends. She misses my company and food, which is funny because I am not the greatest cook in the world! It has taken up most Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse in Leo and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo Class

Thursday, August 17. 6:30-8:30 PM. My Place (email for directions) $25.00 This is a HUGE activation as this total eclipse is the first in 26 years to span the entire United States! That means those places the eclipse shadow touches will be the most activated with the energies of this historical event. It will begin in the ocean off Oregon and just north of Newport the moons shadow will touch land at about 10:15 AM. Continue Reading →

New Moon in Capricorn with Mercury Retrograde Class

🎄Greetings my friends🎄 Again, it has been awhile since we have connected.  It has been an intense time for us on all levels; health, home and family, neighborhood relations, creativity, community, finances, personal intimate relationships and friendships.  All aspects of our lives have required significant shifts and we are all adjusting to the economic and political environment, creating some deep changes within our psyche and world. I am unable to go through all the planetary Continue Reading →

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo Class with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Friday September 2, 2016 6:30-8:30 P.M. My Place (email for directions) $25.00 This solar eclipse in Virgo presents us with a wonderful time to commit to personal goals that relate to the positive qualities and characteristics of Virgo. The difference between a new moon and a solar eclipse new moon is that with the eclipse the activation is much stronger and lasts 6 months rather that one month. This class and all new moon classes Continue Reading →

Full Moon Surprise!

Wow! Have I got a full moon surprise for you! My friend Karol Avalon, in partnership with Beyond Words Publishing, is producing a fabulous cruise to the Caribbean and I have been invited to do astrology readings on the ship and partake in all of the illuminating presenters, talks and work/playshops! The theme of the cruise is A JOURNEY OF LOVE, as it will be February 12-18 in 2017, during Valentines’ week. On board will Continue Reading →

New Moon in Leo Class

Tuesday August 2, 2016 6:30-8:30 P.M. My Place (email for directions) The new moon in Leo presents us with a wonderful time to commit to personal goals that relate to the positive qualities and characteristics of Leo. This class and all new moon classes are designed to reset our values, goals, and priorities for the next month, (the next 30 days until the following new moon in Virgo), with the energy and function of Leo Continue Reading →

New Moon in Cancer and Mars Direct (Mars goes direct on the 29th!!)

I have not presented a class in a long time, but I feel that I need to once again reach out and ground some time together with my cosmic brothers and sisters. Those of you who are still interested in coming together, with others of like mind, can come to study and increase your understanding of our process through the lens of astrology. It has been one interesting, challenging start to a the new year Continue Reading →

Incommunicado & The Solar Eclipse In Pisces

I have been out of touch for sometime now. My mother suffered yet another stroke the end of June last year and that has taken up a great deal of my life as her primary caregiver. Then ON THE DAY OF THE SOLAR ECLIPSE IN PISCES MARCH 8, my mom fell and broke her arm! What?! On top of that, my sister was having heart valve surgery and was in the hospital when I took Continue Reading →