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Astrology is the celestial language that informs us when and how divine influences will be experienced. It provides a evolutionary map, a personal “treasure map” to help guide one through the inevitable ebbs and flows of daily living on planet earth.


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I’d just like to give you a little history about my passion for astrology to let you know why I have become an astrologer of over 38 years experience. Astrology has been the ONE system that has had the most dramatic affect on my life. It has served to objectify my life experience so that I can witness the unfolding events on my journey from a dispassionate distance. I experience my life with all it’s myriad feelings, emotions, sensations, situations, and events, but along with my experience I have the advantage of this cosmic perspective that guides my responses to the countless possibilities that arise in daily life. Astrology informs me of my automatic, mechanical, reaction pattern ingrained in my DNA, my emotional, (Moon sign), mental, (Mercury sign), and past life (south node of the moon) traits that may sabotage my ultimate happiness if indulged in. It directs me to discover what my most evolutionary response could be to the nature of any situation (north node in a sign and house). Astrology provides me with information that suggests a more skillful way of handling my routine existence and provides perspective to navigate the inevitable ebbs and flows of daily life.