Personal Astrological Consultations

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This consultation includes a look at the natal chart (the chart that was created when you took your first breath out of your mothers womb), the progressed chart, or where you are now (we change, we are not the same person we were when we were born), the progressed chart informs us of that change. Also included is the solar return chart or yearly birthday chart in the analysis.

Always included in the readings are a look at your karma which is determined by the position of the moons north and south nodes and your prenatal solar and lunar eclipses. This highly valuable information is essential to one’s self understanding and evolution.

Readings reveal that you are the ultimate decider of your fate. Astrology allows us to take a grander more objective view of the material we have to work with upon entering this theatre of life. With the enlightening information available through this divine map, one can feel empowered to make more skillful life choices. One feels validated as Kristin’s highly developed intuition along with her deep understanding of astrology reflects ones own inner thoughts and brings order to all of the tension that exists within our psychology.

Very often in our busy lives we tend to lose touch with our inner guidance. Through this heavenly picture, a map exists that illuminates our opportunities and challenges. One is able to view their issues with an objective perspective that gives more clarity and lucidity to their problems. As humans we try to express ourselves positively most of the time and only lapse into negative behavior when depressed, angry, sick, or scared. We don’t need to see the difficult constellations in our horoscopes to be the “evil product” of an arbitrary fate. With the objective viewpoint astrology and numerology expresses, we begin to reconcile all the difficulties and contradictions within our nature.

WE understand WE are the Master of our destiny.


Personal Consultation fees are as follows.
$135.00/hr. for an individual chart analysis
$225.00/hr. for couples or compatibility consultation
A digital recording of your consultation is included as an audio download.

Personal Consultations

Personal Consultation 1 Hour – $135

“I know I said it already, but I want to again express my sincere thanks for the insightful reading. I thoroughly enjoyed playing and replaying the CD and will treasure it. I find it very encouraging… You are a vibrant and gifted person.”
Many thanks, Kristin Woods

Couples/Compatibility Consultation

Couples/Compatibility Consultation 1 Hour – $225