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“Kristin’s supportive presence bridges the gap between the self and the elusive potential of the ‘Greater Self’ in a safe, protective, nurturing and personal manner.

She is concise and informative and exhibits tremendous depth in her interpretation.

It is as if the swirling galactic image of the SELF were brought to sharp focus through the lens of a truly healing heart and the art of astrology.

She has a capacity of being worth emulating.”

Sandy Scott / Artist
Redding CA.


“You’ve saved me hundreds of dollars in psychologist fees. Thank you so much!”

Adrian C / Teacher
Redding CA.

“Kristin’s reading helped me to define my future goals and balance myself professionally, emotionally, and personally.”

Janis B.
Redding CA

“I’m just beginning to meet some terrific people, genuine people with psychic gifts…they aren’t phonies. Kristin–you can see when you talk to her that her love and compassion is deeply woven into her psychic gifts, very artist like. She also has a smooth elegance to her–but she’s approachable. There is a subtle mischief-maker hidden within her that likes secrets and surprises. She’s also very intelligent, a problem solver. She doesn’t get in the way of her readings, her ego knows when to step back and let her work speak for itself.”

Jayne D’Arcy

“My reading with Kristin validated and confirmed what my universe reflected.”

Linda V.
Redding CA.

“I just have to tell you how much I appreciate the things you said today; it helped so much its unbelievable! So thank you very much! I think there is actually more I need to know, but I’m not sure what it is or how to ask, but it will come to me.”

Thank you! Thank you !

Sue Hilton
Reno, NV.

“I am sure I was your least experienced meditator there. Never having been to a class and trying on my own, I thought I never could do it. Well… What I learned was that you had us pretty much gather ourselves up and listen to our heart so we could put ourselves back together. I liked the way you had us remove the cords from other people and take our power back that we had scattered. I see how we let our energy escape us, let other people take control, let life influence us, no wonder we all are a little bit crazy, some more than others. At any rate I like how you had us take back our power to return to the center to remember and get on with who we really are. I am so glad I went. It was so good for me. At least I know I can do this. You have been such a wonderful teacher to me, I consider you one of my friends, and my door is always open.”

Stay in touch,
Be Happy
I Love You…

Leslie Mally
Redding CA.


“You are right on the money man. You are always right on. You are so good at this. You are so wonderful!”

Tina Ware


“Thank you, Thank you! You helped me in a way that I was not aware would come about. I’m referring of course to my meditation class. I recently had to have my gall bladder removed in an emergency situation…so I used my meditation to help me get through some of the very trying times. I had to have some MRI type tests done and used my meditation then as well to help me. At night I would lay and listen to my C.D. that you made for me from the class to help me get through the pain so I could sleep. So again thank you so much… you were there for me in spirit and I appreciate all you taught me.”

Blessings and Light to you always,
Your friend,

Michele (Goldsmith) Woodcock
Redding, CA


I just thoroughly enjoy my moon report that you do for me. I like to see what the day and month will bring.
I guess you can say it gives me “food for thought” when I start my day. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys having a personal “daily” reading.
Thank you for doing these, it really helps me “Map” out my daily duties!
Annemarie Biolsi

“Trying to get back to an exercise groove….which your fabulous report clearly shows is on my mind. Actually, your report really showed what’s on my mind and motivating me these days. My challenge is to stay motivated and follow through. I appreciate the insight and assistance your report gives!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!l”


Hi Kristin!
Thanks for the GREAT reading last week! I can’t tell you how timely the information has been for me…in several important areas of my life. Out of our conversation I was finally able to make an important and much needed decision regarding some of my finances. I feel SO much better. Satisfied, light, relaxed, and with a knowing I’ve done the right thing for me at this time.
Along with that, the insight you gave me about how I could better understand and communicate with my wonderful hubbie has proved amazing and invaluable! What a wonder a bit of information can have for a relationship! I now understand what he has been going through for some months and my heart truly goes out to him. I’ve noticed all weekend how differently we are relating and how much more open we are with each other, and affectionate. It is like a dark veil has come away. Instead of our seeming to struggle against each other, we are now on the same side and are functioning as a team. I didn’t realize how I’d been complicating things by my actions.

Each of the two readings we’ve shared in the past few months have had nothing but very positive returns for me in every area of my life. My business is improved, my personal relationships, my finances, and, my own relationship with my “true”, ‘higher’, or what ever we may name it self, is also evolving…and I feel supported by you and what you’ve shared with me. So far, all that you’ve related to me has been like a piece of the puzzle of my life that needed just a bit of guidance to fall in the right place in order to make sense. How grand that is!
I look forward to more readings in the near future to gain more clarity and insight in this person named Jill. Thanks for EVERYthing!

Lots of love,
Jill Moore, Vancouver, WA.