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I was born in Grand Rapids Michigan on August 9 1952. At an early age I inhaled any book that spoke of the mystery of life. Although I loved school, my friends and classmates, I felt always on the periphery somehow…feeling I had one foot here in this dimension, but another foot in a place I could not talk about…

I moved to Ann Arbor Michigan a couple of years after graduating from high school. While browsing a book store, one fascinating book jumped out at eye level and fell to my feet. I picked it up and the spiritual content of the text transported me to that world I was feeling was always there but could not articulate. My spiritual quest had begun in that moment. I began to read any material that answered the unasked questions I could not formulate, floating in my subconscious.
In 1977 I moved to Maui Hawaii. I soon met a wonderful astrologer, Max, who informed me that I would make an excellent astrologer. I was already studying Numerology as it seemed less complex and challenging. After that eventful session I began absorbing every thing about Astrology I could get my hands on. Soon I began my private astrological consulting practice while living in Maui as door after door opened to invite me to become a professional. I want to thank Julie Kelly for getting me started with Numerology readings in her office on the ocean in Lahaina, Elliot Tanzer for encouraging me, Daniel Giamario for showing up at critical times in my life and being there with his unique wisdom, and Max for originally tipping me off to my destiny.
In 1988 I moved to California where I was resident astrologer of Red Rose Gallerie, a metaphysical new thought bookstore, gift shop, and visionary art gallery in the San Francisco Marina District. In 1989 I moved to Redding California joining my family after the earth quake of 1988 that “rocked my world” during a challenging Pluto transit. In 1991 I hosted my own radio talk show called, “Wisdom of the Stars.”

After the radio show, I was resident astrologer of Enchanted Treasures, a metaphysical book store and gift shop for 5 years teaching and consulting. Later Earth Angels, another similar new thought shop opened. Here I continued my private consulting practice, lecturing and teaching classes on the study of Astrology, Numerology, and meditation for another 5 years.
Currently I continue to maintain my private practice while teaching and facilitating seminars and events on Astrology and Numerology.

“After more than fifteen years of yearly birthday readings, I can highly recommend a reading to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of themselves and where they are on the path. A reading with Kristin offers the opportunity to understand and embrace one’s individual and unique gifts and challenges and further offers deep insight and illumination. Kristin’s ability to convey information and concepts in a clear way is very refreshing, and I promise you will leave with a smile on your face and in your heart and you will return for guidance over and over again – “
Kim Noreen Anderson