New Moon in Cancer and Mars Direct (Mars goes direct on the 29th!!)


I have not presented a class in a long time, but I feel that I need to once again reach out and ground some time together with my cosmic brothers and sisters. Those of you who are still interested in coming together, with others of like mind, can come to study and increase your understanding of our process through the lens of astrology. It has been one interesting, challenging start to a the new year with sooooo much change, I mean major change, not just minor adjustments, for many of my clients and friends…it would be good to catch up this month.


So here we go: I thought I would schedule before the 4th of July weekend as the new moon in Cancer is on the 4th so that’s a big day!

New Moon in Cancer and Mars Direct (Mars goes direct on the 29th!!)
Thursday June 30 2016
6:30-8:30 pm.
My place (email or call for directions)

Class fee is $25.00
Bring your chart or order ($6.00) ahead of class time please (click here to fill out Astrology Information Form). Handouts are included.
Pre-registration is required at least 3 days prior to class.
All classes will be held at my home.
For more information call Kristin at 530-241-4588 or email:
Visit my website for reading/counseling services information and astrological reports (below).
For ongoing students, don’t forget your handouts and charts please, and for new students,the class will include handouts you will take home and continue to bring to class each time.

If you are unable to attend, consider a 20 minute reading over the phone
on the material covered in class for 28.00 (not recorded),
or a 1/2 reading recorded over the phone or in person for $45.00.